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A Reflective Rubric-Creating Activity that Enhances Teachers’ Mathematical Habits of Mind

Abstract: As schools and teachers in the U.S. fine-tune their implementation of mathematics standards promoting college and career readiness, the number of support resources continues to expand. One resource focus experiencing significant growth involves sample items and tasks asserting alignment with the college and career ready mathematical content and practice standards. Such samples regularly identify both the content standards addressed and the mathematical habits of mind that students have the potential to engage in. Consistently absent are evaluation criteria articulating how engagement and demonstration of associated mathematical practices can be assessed, concurrent with content. The authors discuss the development of rubrics that attempt to faithfully assess the integration of mathematical content and practice standards and highlight the benefits to mathematics teachers, coaches, professional developers, and mathematics teacher educators of engaging in such reflective rubric-creating activities.

Author(s): Scott A. Courtney and Judy BenjaminCollege of Education, Health, and Human Services, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, United States

Keywords: Mathematics teacher education, Mathematical habits of mind, Assessment tasks, Teacher reflection