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A Systematic Study on the Existence of 7-9B, 16-19Ne, 8-11C, 23-30P and 26-32S Nuclei via Cluster Decay in the Super Heavy Region


  • K. P. Anjali and K. PrathapanDepartment of Physics, Government Brennen College, Thalassery, Kerala, India
  • R. K. BijuDepartment of Physics, Government Brennen College, Thalassery, Kerala, India.; Department of Physics, Pazhassi Raja N S S College, Mattanur, India
  • K. P. SanthoshSchool of Pure and Applied Physics, Kannur University, Payyanur Campus, Payyanur, India.


Halo Nuclei, Cluster Radioactivity, Deformation


Based on the Coulomb and Proximity Potential Model, we have studied the decay probabilities of various exotic nuclei from even-even nuclei in the super heavy region. The half-lives and barrier penetrability for the decay of exotic nuclei such as 7-9B, 16-19 Ne, 8-11 C, 23-30 P and 26-32 S from the isotopes 274-332116,274-334 118 and 288-334120 are determined by considering them as spherical as well as deformed nuclei. The effect of ground state quadrupole (β2), Octupole (β3) and hexadecapole (β4) deformation of parent, daughter and cluster nuclei on half- lives and barrier penetrability were studied. Calculations have done for the spherical nuclei and deformed nuclei in order to present the effects of the deformations on half-lives….



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