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Analysis of the Radon-222 Concentration and Physical-chemical Quality, in Drinking Water of Taxco, Guerrero


A. H. Ramírez, O. Talavera, and S. Souto, Postgraduate in Natural Resources and Ecology. Autonomous University of Guerrero, Mexico; Faculty of Earth Sciences. Autonomous University of Guerrero A. P. 197, Taxco Guerrero-40200, Mexico

J. I. Golzarri and G. EspinosaInstitute of Physics National Autonomous University of Mexico. Scientific Research Circuit s/n, University City. Mexico City-04520, Mexico


Drinking water, Spring water, Radon, Chemical composition


In this work the determination of radon gas (222Rn) and the characterization of chemical elements in drinking water of the city Taxco was carried out. Ingesting or inhaling a small number of radionuclides, as well as water of poor chemical quality, can become a potential public health problem. We are collecting 8 samples of water from a spring, physicochemical parameters were measured in field on different days of the dry season. Measurements of 222Rn were performed in the laboratory with an AlphaGUARD equipment.



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