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Analyzing the Values in the Built Heritage of Chettinadu Region, Tamil Nadu, India


Seetha Rajiv KumarDepartment of Architecture, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli


Built Heritage, Architectural Values, Cultural Values, Environmental Values, Chettinadu


Chettinadu, a region in southern India, is situated in Tamil Nadu State 32 km from the west coast of the Bay of Bengal with a total area of 1,550 square kilometers in the heart of Tamil Nadu. The built heritage of Chettinadu is an irreplaceable cultural resource giving it a unique identity and character. In the tentative list of UNESCO 2014, the Chettinadu region has been classified into three clusters based on their Outstanding Universal Values and this provides a framework for our research. The region has experienced a tremendous amount of change from its original design and the old buildings are mirrors of the procession of history and culture that together have formed the heritage of the town…



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