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Distinguishing Features of Radioactive Compound Nucleus Decays within the Dynamical Cluster decay Model

Dynamical Cluster decay Model
Abstract In this paper, we are interested to study the distinguishing features of the decaying radioactive compound nuclei 246Bk* and 220Th*, using the Dynamical Cluster-decay Model (DCM) with deformation β and non-coplanar degree-of-freedom Φ....
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Probability Models For Explaining Migration Process From Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

Abstract This paper aims to examine the pattern of male out-migration and explains the distribution of households according to the number of male migrants aged fifteen and above. The suitability of the proposed model is tested with primary data coll...
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Stability Analysis of Integrated Pest Management with Impulsive Biological Control

The aim of the present work is to study the dynamics of stage-structured pest control model including biological control, i.e. by releasing of natural enemies and infected pests periodically. It is assumed that only immature susceptible pests are att...
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