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Climate Change Implication on Agricultural Growth


Global climate change brings many disasters like floods and droughts which pose great danger to human life. Pollution and greenhouse gases also affect agriculture adversely. Environmental degradation occupies the place of utmost importance when it comes to green debate. Environmental pollution can be reduced greatly by providing bathing water, pure air quality and access to neat and clean drinking water. These measures will ensure that the ambitions of climatic health and valuable environment are achieved at the earliest. In this research paper, I illustrate the international causes of degradation of environmental, climate change and its implication for agriculture growth. The paper argues that such certainty components can be projected by altering the current slowed perspectives on the problem talking the load from recent conceptual work on “cumulative change” as against” system change” to properly understand global environmental. Change and environmental degradation, the paper presents an approach to identify and use the” certainty components” it is strong point is that it help to warming. The research at hand is a review on the study survey associated by reduction of environment risk, water, air pollution, enhanced quality of water and betterment of climate factors.


Dr Jagseer Singh, Lecturer in Geography, GSSS Mana Singh Wala, Firozpur, 142052, Punjab, India



Greenhouse Gas, Environmental Degradation, Consequences, Population, Climate Change, Climate Variability, Environmental Sustainability


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