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Cosmetics: Regulatory Scenario in USA, EU and India


The efficacy, safety, regulatory framework and marketing of cosmetic products are the most important factors for growth of cosmetic industry. The safety of the cosmetic goods are regulated by diverse regulatory bodies around the globe who all have their own rules and regulations. The regulations of cosmetics like, nomenclature, labelling and safety of colorants(s) alter in different countries. Much stringent legislation exists in European Union (EU) and The United States of America (USA) have very much stringent legislation in order to regulate the use of cosmetic products. The safety assessments of cosmetic products is affected by the different regulations of different regulatory bodies. Nevertheless, there is a need for harmonized regulations throughout the world. An attempt has been made in the present manuscript to compare the current regulatory scenario of cosmetics in USA, EU and India.


Dhull K, Swagat Tripathy and Harish Dureja


Cosmetics, Safety Issues, Color Additives, Regulatory Guideline



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