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Efficacy of Process-Based Instruction In Enhancing Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance And Science Skills Acquisition In Identification of Cations In Faskari, Katsina State-Nigeria


  • Kelvin SamuelUnity Secondary Funtua, Katsina State
  • Ibrahim Alhasan LibataDepartment of Science Education Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero
  • Abdulmalik SabituDepartment of Science Education Federal University Dutsin-Ma


Process–Based Instruction, Science-Skills, Performance, Identification of Cations


This study examined the effect of process–based Instruction on secondary school students’ academic performance and science-skills acquisition in Faskari Education Zone, Katsina State, Nigeria. The study employed quasiexperimental design using a sample of 103 students drawn from a population of 984 in the study area. Two instruments namely Identification of Cations Performance Test (ICPT) and Test of Science Process Skills (TOSPS) duly Validated by expert with a reliability coefficient of 0.69 and 0.75 respectively were used for data collection. Research hypotheses were tested using t-test statistics at 0.05 levels of significance….



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