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Innovation and Development in Information Technology in India: Specific to Software Industry


Deepak Kumar Solanki and Kunal SinhaCentre for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


Research and development, Information technology, Software, Innovation, Cloud computing


Information technology (IT) plays an important role in development of business, boosting economic growth and employment by energising higher education sector. Software sector is a major component of IT industry. Development of indigenous software products is necessary for nation’s economy through development in software industry. Under ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make In India programmes major institutions are involved in policies and initiative programmes, R&D and innovation for growth of software industry. The paper attempts to highlight the crucial contribution of key stakeholders such as universities, technical research institute and private-public software firms, STPI and industrial association for development of software products and services….



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