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Integration of Online Social Network and E-Commerce Business through Facebook Pages


  • BalvinderIKG Punjab Technical University, Kapurthla, Punjab, India
  • Tripat Deep Singh DuaGuru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology, Ludhiana, Punjab, India


Online Social Network, Facebook Page, Page Insights, Paid Promo-tion, Organic Traffic


The aim of this paper is to explore Facebook page options through which e-commerce companies can establish relationship with online social networking users. It explores the various options available on Facebook page like audience building, data analysis, paid promotions etc. Techniques for organic and paid promotion discussed to build the page audience. Comprehensive study on data insights provided by Facebook is tabulated. This paper highlights the factors for integration of Online Social Network and e-commerce to help ecommerce companies to focus on building audience and converting them into sale. A step by step implemen-tation starting from page setup, audience building and data analy-sis is presented.



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