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Measurement of Content of 226Ra in Drinking Water From Some States of Mexican Republic by Liquid Scintillation Method


A. Ángeles, E. Quintero, I. Gaso, C. P. Zepeda, T. Palma and P. V. Rojas, National Institute of Nuclear Research, Mexico-Toluca Highway, La Marquesa, Ocoyoacac-52750, State of Mexico, Mexico


NORM, Radium, Drinking water, Screening, Radiotoxicity


To assess the quality of drinking water in respect to the content of radioactivity, usually is carried out an screening program in the locations of interest, that program consist in pick representative samples of drinking water from the wells in that locations, water samples are analyzed to measuring the gross alpha/beta radioactivity by a low background proportional counter or a liquid scintillation system. When some sample exceeds the normative limit then it must be known which radionuclides are in that sample….



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