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Role of Responsible Gitizen in the 21st Century


UNESCO promoted global citizenship (gitizenship) since the launch of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) on August 22nd 2012, which made fostering global citizenship one of its three priorities. This is a pedagogical guidance on global citizenship with 3 major outcomes: Education, Defense and Trade. (Taylor, 1997). It is the prerogative of the international community to clarify the conceptual underpinnings of global citizenship and provide policy and programmatic directions, this paper which is to a large extent conceptual and directive in nature has been developed in response after deeply studying the needs and demands of and on integrating global citizenship in most of the active countries in the world. It presents….


  • Uchit Kapoor, Veritas Group LLC
  • Robert Seinfield, Ohio State University



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