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Spectrophotometric Study of Polymeric DyesGels After a Gamma Irradiation Process for its Possible Use as a Radiation Dosimeter


This work aims to evaluate a dosimetric system composed of green malachite supported in agarose. Previous work showed that solutions of green malachite irradiated at 1 to 40 kGy present a linear behavior. This system is a gel composed of green malachite (2.5×10–3 M), sodium benzoate (1%), and agarose (1%) that was exposed tovarious doses of gamma irradiation. The irradiated systems were measured with a UV-V is spectrophotometer at 619 nm. Experimental parameters (such as dose rate, doses, and temperature) were controlled and optimized for reproducible and reliable results. More studies are needed to propose a dosimeter in the system in the range of 1.8 to 4.0 kGy.


A L Meléndez-López, M F García-Hurtado, J Cruz-Castañeda, A Negrón-Mendoza, S Ramos-Bernal and A HerediaNational Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), PO Box 70-543, 04510 Mexico City, Mexico


Polymeric dyes gels, Linearity dose -response, Gamma radiation



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