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Study of the Erosion of Copper by Hot Plasma


R. S. Monzamodeth and B. CampilloChemistry Faculty, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), PO Box 04510 Mexico City, Mexico


Copper, Hot plasma, Erosion, Hardness, Plasma/Wall interactions, Hydrophobic properties


An exhaustive study of the erosion process of a copper cathode exposed to a hot plasma column of 2kJ of energy (T≈0.5-2.0keV) and high electron density (n≈1019-1022cm3) was made, as well as, the radiation field of charged and neutral particles. The characterization of the cumulative damage generated by the plasma/cathode interaction was made by the use of metallographic techniques, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and by the analysis of mechanical properties. Damage accumulation produced by the impacts of deuterium plasma discharge created in the copper electrode a deep cavity similar to a crater, modifying the morphology of the surface and below it.



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