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Top Cited Authors of the Journals

Chitkara University Publications' top-cited authors (source: Google Scholar), papers having more than 25 citations selected from all the journals, since their inception for providing the ideas, knowledge, technology to the scientific community.

Alexander Brem
+ + + + +
(Management Journal)

Prof. Alexander Brem

Do Frugal and Reverse Innovation Foster Sustainability? Introduction of a Conceptual Framework

Prem Singh
+ + + + +
(Physics Journal)

Prof. Prem Singh

Potential of Some Fungal and Bacterial Species in Bioremediation of Heavy Metals

+ + + + +
(Chemistry Journal)

Prof. Rajesh G. Rupala

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Chalcone Derivatives Containing Imidazo`{`1,2-a`}`Pyridine Moiety

+ + + + +
(Education Journal)

Prof. Abha Chopra

Corporate social responsibility and education in India

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