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A Mathematical WGED – Model Approach on Short-Term High in Density Exercise Training, Attenuated Acute Exercise – Induced Growth Hormone Response


In the current manuscript, we have demonstrated the recent generalization of Weibull-G exponential distribution (three-parameter) and it is a very familiar distribution as compared to other distribution.It has been found that Weibull-G exponential distribution (WGED) can be utilized pretty efficiently to evaluate the biological data in the position of gamma and log-normal Weibull distributions. It has two shape parameters and the three scale parameters namely, a, b, λ. Some of its statistical properties are acquired, which includes reserved hazard function, probability-density function, hazard-rate function and survival function. Our aim is to shore-up the results of life-time using three-parameter Weibull generalized exponential distribution. Hence, the corresponding probability functions, hazard-rate function, survival function as well as reserved hazard-rate function has been analyzed in the 3 weeks of high-intensity exercise training in short-term. The outcomes of the present study supporting the results of life-time data that the interim elevated intensity exercise activity attenuated an acute exercise induced growth hormone release.


M. Kaliraja, and K. Perarasan, PG and Research Department of Mathematics, H. H. The Rajah’s College, Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, India.



Weibull – G class, exponential distribution, Growth Hormone, GH, hazard-rate function, reservedhazard-rate function


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