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Binet – Type Formula For The Sequence of Tetranacci Numbers by Alternate Methods


The sequence {Tn} of Tetranacci numbers is defined by recurrence relation Tn= Tn-1 + Tn-2 + Tn-3 + Tn-4; n≥4 with initial condition T0=T1=T2=0 and T3=1. In this Paper, we obtain the explicit formulla-Binet-type formula for Tn by two different methods. We use the concept of Eigen decomposition as well as of generating functions to obtain the result.


  • Gautam S. Hathiwala, C.K. Pithawala College of Enigneering & Technology, Surat.
  • Devbhadra V. Shah, Department of Mathematics, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.



Binet formula, Fibonacci sequence, Tetranacci sequence


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