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Collapsible and Spiky Wave for Dust Acoustic Waves in Dusty Plasmas


  • Ranjit K Kalita, Department of Mathematics, Morigaon College, Morigaon-782105, Assam, India
  • Jnanjyoti Sarma, Departments of Mathematics, RG Baruah College, Guwahati-781025, Assam, India


In multicomponent dusty plasma, the Sagdeev Potential (SP) approach is employed to formulate the Energy Equation for arbitrary amplitude dust acoustic waves (DAWs), where an amount of electrons is trapped in potential well. The dependence of amplitude and width of the solitons of Sagdeev Potential on plasma parameters is widely discussed. The range of Mach number has determined for solitary waves (SWs) with the help of critical Mach number…..


Energy equation, Collapsible Wave, Breakable Wave, Spiky and Explosive Mode, Sagdeev Potential



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