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Comparing The Attitudes of Students Towards Team Based Activities: A Study of Management, Science and Commerce Students


Today more and more emphasis is being placed on teamwork. Many organizations have started adopting team based projects. The education institutes have also started incorporating team based activities in their course curriculum. However, students prefer to work alone due to the complexities in working in teams. Due to the gap in industrial expectations and students perception towards teamwork, different researches have been done in the past. The present research has been conducted to develop a better understanding of students attitudes towards team based activities and different factors influencing and determining the same. The main intent of the investigation was to compare attitudes of students from different academic disciplines. It is a cross sectional descriptive research undertaken to explore any variations in the attitudes of students from three main streams, namely; Commerce, Science and Management. Thus, the sample of 152 respondents was taken by way of judgment sampling, which consisted of respondents from MBA, B.Com and B.Tech courses. The results indicated that no significant difference exists in the attitudes of students with variation in the Age profile, Educational Qualification, Family type and gender of the respondent. However, a difference does lie in the attitudes due to the change in Course stream of respondents. A possible reason could be due to the types of skill focused by the disciplines while imparting education. It is highly recommended for educational institutes to incorporate Team based activities in their curriculum, keep in constant touch with industry experts and assess continuously on soft skill as main parameter.


  • Sonam Sachdeva, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Delhi University, New Delhi, India
  • Roopam Sachdeva, MBA Student, Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi
  • Anmol Krishan Sachdeva, B.Tech Student, Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, GGSIPU, New Delhi



Team based activities, educational institutes, industrial expectations, student’s attitude, Commerce, Science and Management


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