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Effect of Deformation on Semi–infinite Viscothermoelastic Cylinder Based on Five Theories of Generalized Thermoelasticity


We considera dynamical problem for semi-infinite viscothermoelastic semi infinite cylinder loaded mechanically and thermally and investigated the behaviour of variations of displacements, temperatures and stresses. The problem has been investigated with the help of five theories of the generalized viscothermoelasticity by using the Kelvin – Voigt model. Laplace transformations and Hankel transformations are applied to equations of constituent relations, equations of motion and heat conduction to obtain exact equations in transformed domain. Hankel transformed equations are inverted analytically and for the inversion of Laplace transformation we apply numerical technique to obtain field functions. In order to obtain field functions i.e. displacements, temperature and stresses numerically we apply MATLAB software tools. Numerically analyzed results for the temperature, displacements and stresses are shown graphically.


  • D. K. Sharma, Inder Parkash and Himani Mittal, Department, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Maharaja Agarasen University, Baddi, District Solan (HP) India – 174103.
  • Sita Ram Sharma, Department of Applied Sciences, Chitkara University, Baddi, District Solan (HP) India, 174103



Kelvin–Voigt model, Mechanical and Thermal loads, Green and Naghdi Theory, Hankel transformation, Field functions


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