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Generalised Synthetic Estimator Using Double Sampling Scheme and Auxiliary Information


In Small Area Estimation there are two type of estimation Direct and Indirect Estimation. The word ‘Synthetic Estimation’ was coined by National Centre for Health Statistics (1968) for the method of estimation. The term ‘Synthetic’ was used because these estimates were not derived directly from survey results. So ‘Synthetic Estimation’ is indirect method of estimation. If we want to use auxiliary information for estimation and the information is not available, this leads to the synthetic estimation under double sampling scheme. In this paper we propose a quadratic synthetic estimator and generalised ratio and product synthetic estimator under this scheme and compare their efficiency.


  • ShashI Bahl, Former Head, Department of Statistics, M.D University, Rohtak
  • Sangeeta, Research scholar, Department of statistics, M.D. University, Rohtak



ratio, product, quadratic and ratio – cum – product synthetic estimator under double sampling scheme, sampling bias, mean square error and small area domain


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