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Inventory Model of Deteriorating Items for Linear Holding Cost with Time Dependent Demand


The objective of this model is to investigate the inventory system for perishable items with time proportional deterioration rate. The Economic order quantity is determined for minimizing the average total cost per unit time. The model is developed for time-dependent demand rate with finite time horizon and linear holding cost with a shortage. The result is illustrated with a numerical example.


  • N.Mishra, Department of M.B.A Berhampur University, Berhampur Odisha, India
  • S.P. Mishra, Swarnamayee Nagar Berhampur-760001 Odisha, India
  • Srichandan Mishra, Department of Mathematics Govt. Science College Malkangiri, Odisha, India
  • J. Panda, Department of Commerce Berhampur University Berhampur , Odisha, India
  • U.K.Misra, National Institute of Science and Technology Palur Hill,Berhampur Odisha, India



Time dependent Demand, Optimal control, Inventory system, Shortage


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