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Performance of Moving Average (MA) Chart Under Three Delta Control Limits and Six Delta Initiatives


An SQC chart is a graphical tool for representation of the data for knowing the extent of variations from the expected standard. This technique was first suggested by W.A. Shewhart of Bell Telephone Company based on 3σ limits. M. Harry, the engineer of Motorola has introduced the concept of six sigma in 1980. In 6σ limits, it is presumed to attain 3.4 or less number of defects per million of opportunities. Naik V.D and Desai J.M proposed an alternative of normal distribution, which is named as moderate distribution. The parameters of this distribution are mean and mean deviation. Naik V.D and Tailor K.S. have suggested the concept of 3-delta control limits and developed various control charts based on this distribution. Using these concepts, control limits based on 6-delta is suggested in this paper. Also the moving average chart is studied by using 6-delta methodology. A ready available table for mean deviation is prepared for the quality control experts for taking fast actions.


Kalpesh S Tailor, Department of Statistics, M. K. Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, 364 001, Gujarat, India



Moderate distribution, Moving average, Mean deviation, Six Delta


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