Topic: Chemical evolution

Behavior of Poly-A onto Kaolin

Author(s): María Guadalupe Torres-Duque, Faculty of Higher Education Iztacala, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Avenida de los Barrios Number 1, Colonia Los Reyes Iztacala, Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico Claudia Camargo-Raya, Alici...
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Stability of Pyruvic Acid Adsorbed Onto Clays and Exposed to Ionizing Radiation: Relevance in Chemical Evolution

Author(s): R. C Acosta-Fernández, A. Heredia-Barbero and A. Negrón-Mendoza, Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN), National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Keywords: Chemical evolution, Pyruvic acid, Clays, Gamma radiation Abstract: Ch...
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Stability of Glycine in Saline Solutions Exposed to Ionizing Radiation

Authors: Laura Patricia Cruz-Cruz, Sciences Faculty, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City-04520, Mexico Alicia Negrón-Mendoza and Alejandro Heredia-Barbero, Department of Radiation Chemistry and Radio chemistry, Instit...
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